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U.S. History Timeline 13000 B.C. People present in America. 10500-9000 B.C. Paleo-Indians established throughout Western Hemisphere. 9000 B.C. Extinction of big-game mammals. 8000 B.C. Earliest Archaic societies. 7000 B.C. Athapaskan-speaking peoples enter North America. 5000 B.C. First domesticated plants grown. 3000 B.C. First maize grown in Mesoamerica. 3000-2000 B.C. 2500 B.C. Archaic societies begin giving way to a more diverse range of cultures. First maize grown in North America. 1200 B.C. First chiefdoms emerge. 1200-900 B.C. Poverty Point flourishes in Louisiana. 400-100 B.C. Adena culture flourishes in Ohio valley. 250 B.C. Hohkam culture begins in Southwest. 100 B.C. Anasazi culture begins in Southwest. 100 B.C. – 600 A. D. Hopewell culture thrives in Midwest. 1 A. D. Rise of chiefdoms on Northwest Coast and in California. 100-700 Teotihuacan flourishes in Mesoamerica. 600-1400 Mayan kingdoms flourish. 700 Mississippian culture begins. Anasazi expansion begins. 900 Urban center arises at Cahokia. 980 Norse arrive in Greenland. 1000-1100 Norse attempt to colonize Vinland (Newfoundland). 1200 Anasazi and Hohokam peoples disperse in Southwest. 1200-1400 Cahokia declines and inhabitants disperse. 1400-1600 European Renaissance. 1400 League of the Iroquois formed. Mali challenged in West African grassland. Coastal West African kingdoms rise and expand. 1428 Rise of Aztec Empire. 1438 Rise of Inca Empire. 1440 Portuguese slave trade in West Africa begins. 1488 Dias reaches the Cape of Good Hope. 1492 Christopher Columbus reaches Western Hemisphere (in Guanahani). Christian “reconquest” of Spain. 1517 Protestant Reformation begins in Germany. 1519-1521 Cortes leads Spanish conquest of Aztec empire.
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1519-1522 Magellan’s expedition circumnavigates the globe. 1532-1536 Pizarro leads Spanish conquest of Inca empire. 1534 Church of England breaks from Roman Catholic Church. 1539-1543 De Soto attempts conquests in southeastern United States. 1540-1542 Coronado attempts conquests in southwestern United States. 1541-1542 Cartier attempts to colonize eastern Canada. 1558 Elizabeth I becomes queen of England. 1565 St. Augustine founded by Spanish 1585-1590 English colony of Roanoke established, then disappears. 1588 England defeats the Spanish Armada. 1598 Onate founds New Mexico. 1603 James I becomes king of England. 1607 English found colonies at Jamestown and Sagadahoc. 1608 Champlain founds New France. 1609
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APUSHistoryTimeline - U.S History Timeline 13000 B.C...

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