Jeffersonian vs Jacksonian

Jeffersonian vs Jacksonian - Jeffersonian & Jacksonian...

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Questions Jeffersonian Democracy Jacksonian Democracy Political To what extent was universal white manhood suffrage achieved? Believed property requirement was a test of character that man of initiative should be able to meet Property requirements for voting had been eliminated Which citizens were considered eligible for office holding? Believed the educated elite should rule, although he proposed education for all to prepare poorer individuals for public office Believed all men were qualified to hold office and that political positions should be rotated How were candidates for president chosen? Candidates were chosen by caucuses of political leaders Nominating conventions were introduced during Jackson’s time Economic In what way did Jackson expand the concepts of the “chosen class”? Yeoman farmer as the “chosen class” Jackson included planters, farmers, laborers, and mechanics in “chosen class” How did each man view industrialization? Originally feared the consequences of
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Jeffersonian vs Jacksonian - Jeffersonian & Jacksonian...

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