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Biology Chapter 18 Scientists

Biology Chapter 18 Scientists - Martinus Beijerinck...

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Scientists – Adolf Mayer –German scientist seeking cause of tobacco mosaic disease and saw that it can be  transmitted from plant to plant. He concluded(hypothesis) that was caused by unusually small  bacteria. Dimitri Ivanowsky – Russian Scientist, Tested Adolf Mayer’s hypothesis by filtering bacteria, but  still caused the disease. Concluded that bacteria was small enough to go through the filter or  made a filterable toxin that caused disease.
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Unformatted text preview: Martinus Beijerinck- botanist discovered that infectious agent in filtered sap could reproduce, ruled out Dimitri Ivanowsky’s hypothesis. Beijeri nck imagined pathogen was smaller and simpler than bacteria. Wendell Stanley – American Scientist that crystallized infectious particle known as Tobacco Mosaic Virus(TMV). Virus can be seen with help of electron microscope....
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  • tobacco mosaic disease, Adolf Mayer, unusually small  bacteria, Mayer –German scientist, Dimitri Ivanowsky, Tested Adolf Mayer

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