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HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY Computer Science and Engineering Department Name and Surname : SEREN PİRİ Identity Number : 20826492 Course : Bil137 Programming Laboratory Experiment : Experiment 2 Subject : Using control structures and loops Data Due : 10.11.2009 Advisors : Oğuz ASLANTÜRK R.A. Seda TANKIZ e-mail : Main Program : Finding value of pi using Gregory–Leibniz series
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1. Software Using Documentation 1.1. Software Usage This program calculates the value of using the infinite series. First the program asks the users for an iteration value and is calculated according to this number. The result is then displayed on a console screen. 1.2. Provided Possibilities The user is expected to enter a positive integer, but if you do not enter a positive value, the user is alerted to enter a correct value. It is also assumed that the user will enter an integer. Because when the program starts to run, the user is prompted to enter an integer. 2. Software Design Notes 2.1. Desctiption of the program 2.1.1. Problem In Euclidean plane geometry , π is defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The problem is about finding the value of pi. 2.1.2. Solution
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seren - HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY Computer Science and...

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