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Hacettepe University Computer Science and Engineering Department Name and Surname : Mahmut Sami Çoktalaş Identity Number : 20770181 Course : Bil 137 Programming Laboratory Experiment : Experiment 3 Programming Language : C Submission Date : 10/11/2009 Deadline : 17/11/2009 Advisors : Oğuz Aslantürk , R.A. Tuğba Gürgen e-mail :
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2. Software Using Documentation 2.1. Software Usage This programme supposed to develop an interactive computer program that the user is guided by menus: The first level menu is main menu and it contains two choices: Area or Volume. The second level menu is the submenu that contains names of 5 geometric shapes determined according to the choice of user on main menu. When the user runs the program he/she will see the main menu: Find area or volume of geometric shapes ( A / V ) Press Q to terminate program Your Choice: User will enter A for Area calculation, V for Volume calculation and Q to Quit. Submenus are as belows: Find area of geometric shape 1 Triangle 2 Rectangle 3 Rhombus 4 Circle 5 Ellipse Enter the number: Find volume of geometric shape 1 Cube 2 Cylinder 3 - Prism (6-gonal)
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deee - Hacettepe University Computer Science and...

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