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ING - often giving up a normal school family and social...

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6. while I was driving. ..., as soon as I realized. ..., while I waschecking . .., although he could . ..., before he left. ..., after he left . .., because it was . ..., whenever I saw . ...., after an hour . ...., before the driver . ..., since I didnt. ..., wherever I decıded. ..., before I leave . .., eventhough I carry. ... 7. nevertheless if you . ..., no matter how . ..., despite having a lot . .., although you are . ..., though the situation. .., even though there may. .... Completeness 1. ..... their life. They are also their first teachers, and perhaps the most important ones. Parents provide their children with the emotional security and the intellectual stimulation that are essential for a happy and successful life. Overall,. .... 2. ..... more years. In addition to being physically stron, he or she must also be mentally though. This means that you have to be totally dedicated to our sport,
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Unformatted text preview: often giving up a normal school, family, and social life. Being mentally strong also means that he or she must be able to withstand the intense pressure of international competition with its attendant media coverage. Finally, . .... 3. ..... in the air. Workmen who construct buildings can work only in good weather. Farmers depend on sunshine and rain for growing crops. Merchants find that weather affects their business, for when the weather is bad, people do not go shopping. To conclude,. ... 4. ...... intelligence. It can also improve concentration and stimulate creative thinking. Finally, another positive effect of music is that it can relax children and make them feel more comfortable. Some scientists think music can even improve children’s memory. Overall, . ......
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