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לש תיטמתמה הירפסהמ תורחבנ תויצקנופ C : Trigonometric functions: 1. double sin(double x); 2. double cos(double x); 3. double tan(double x); Hyperbolic functions: 1. double sinh(double x); 2. double cosh(double x); 3. double tanh(double x); Inverse trigonometric functions: 1. double asin(double x); 2. double acos(double x); 3. double atan(double x); logarithmic functions: 1. double log(double x); /* Actually, this is ln(x) */ 2. double log10(double x); /* log of the 10 base */ various functions: 1. double sqrt(double x); /* The square root of x */
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