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Young Goodman Brown perrines - Gookin and Martha Carrier...

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Young Goodman Brown 1. Goody Cloyse, Goody Cory, Deacon Gookin, and Martha Carrier are names which create a connotation of good people and a relevance of church servers. Goody Cloyse, being “a very pious and exemplary dame who had taught [young Goodman Brown] his catechism in youth and was still his moral and spiritual adviser,” was along with him “so far in the wilderness at nightfall” (paragraph 25). Such parallel walk of Goody Cloyse and Goodman Brown is later lost when the “devil” offers him “a cut through the woods until [they] have left [that] Christian woman behind” (paragraph 25). Because Goody Cloyse has a “relevance” to Goodman Brown’s young teachings and ways; the name alone helps the reader foreshadow the lost of “morality and spirituality” (paragraph 25), as he walks further into the words. Just like Goody Cloyse, the other names like Goody Cory, Deacon
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Unformatted text preview: Gookin, and Martha Carrier, are not just labels, they are representative of the moral sense Goodman Brown had gained since he was “young,” and are too be lost. In the other hand, the places have names of the 18 th century when the puritans reigned the thirteen colonies. Salem Village, has a perturbing connotation, since it is known that most women accused of witchcraft were from a town called Salem in the 18 th century. Furthermore, the ones accused of witchcraft were unjustly accused; most were from rich families accused by the poor families. And so, Salem Village, Boston, and the Old South Church, are places representing the old Puritan’s style of life; a style of life which Hawthorne is criticizing. Adding all the elements of the 18 th century, the reader can justly conclude that Puritanism is the religion practiced by the townspeople of which Hawthorne writes....
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