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In the beginning he keeps on going because he is concerned to be caught, he then wishes to “take a cut through the woods until [they] have left [Goody Cloyse] behind. She might ask… and whither [he] was going” (paragraph 52). So, Goodman Brown embarks further and realizes that the Goody Cloyse chose “to go to the devil when [he] thought she was going to Heaven” (paragraph 39). Yet, after his disillusion of seeing his beloved Faith in the covenant, “And maddened with despair, so that he laughed loud and long, did Goodman Brown grasp
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Unformatted text preview: his staff and set forth again at such a rate that he seemed to fly along the forest path rather than to walk or run” (paragraph 51). He went deeper into the forest not because he wanted to take part in the covenant, but because he realized that all the people he believed to be pure and saint were hypocrites, and so his disillusionment drove him deeper in to the forest, or on may call it further realization....
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