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The narrator’s wife contributes an essence of love and care in the story. Unlike the narrator the wife writes poetry, something that he admits he does not reach “for when [he] picks up something to read” (paragraph 3). They are two distinct people; the wife being caring and the husband to uncaring. Since the wife is sympathetic by nature, with Robert and his husband, one can not see why it would be bad for her to keep a relationship with Robert. After all, the wife
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Unformatted text preview: has a husband who is cold and unloving; she might as well find what she lacks with her husband in another man. Even the husband sees the radiance in his wife as “[He] saw [his] wife laughing as she parked the car…She was still wearing a smile. Just amazing” (paragraph 18). And so, this friendship does threaten her marriage in a way, for the wife is better off with Robert....
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