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Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy 1. A literary symbol holds compressed meanings and purposes under the surface. Though it may appear as a mere action, object, situation, etc., it is also holding a wide and esoteric variety of implications under its literal meaning. 2. Symbolic names become more than labels in literally fiction. Though in everyday life one sees a name to figure out a person’s nationality, gender, and such details, in literary fiction a name holds layers of meaning. The chosen name tends to become representative of the character to whom it is attached to. Symbolic objects and actions are more important than symbolic names. Such symbols will blend into the story so naturally that their appearance can be disregarded, except perhaps to most perspective readers. In such stories, symbols reinforce and add to the meaning. Other stories—the less realistic ones— will provide the reader with obvious symbolic objects and actions. In these types of stories symbols carry on the meaning.
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