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Cathedral - Cathedral 1 The first-person narrators voice...

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Cathedral 1. The first-person narrator’s voice sounds rather objective. He speaks of what has been going on with his life with less sentiment. The only time when he includes some sentiment is to criticize or to speak of his annoyance; “Beulah! That’s a name for a colored woman” (paragraph 11). One easily finds out he’s a distant person by the short sentences he uses to describe actions; “They talked. He asker her to send him a tape and tell him about her life. She did this. She sent the tape” (paragraph 4); He is only getting to the point of what happened. As he goes on with his story, he becomes even less likable, not only to the reader but also to his wife who asked him if he was crazy or if he had “just flipped or something” (paragraph 13). His behavior is rather too prejudicing, distant, and uncaring. Once kind of feels sorry for the wife since he acts as if he didn’t care about her after he said “we were interrupted, a knock at the door, something, and we didn’t ever get back to the tape”
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