Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE...

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Chapter 15 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INTERNET -Internet- started on September 2, 1969, through the connection of two computers: one at UCLA and the other at Stanford University. Initially called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency), the network was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a failsafe way to connect vital research agencies across the United States. -(WWW)- The development of WWW changed the business component of the internet. It was virtually unknown in 1993, but no other medium other than black and white television has been adopted as rapidly as the internet. WHY THE RAPID ADOPTION OF THE INTERNET Growth in Internet Advertising WEB OBJECTIVES DEVELOPING AND MAINTAINING A WEBSITE Web Site: Key Factors for Effectiveness COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES o Creating Awareness o Generate Interest o Disseminate Information o Create an Image o Create a Strong Brand Branding Is a Complicated Process Branding and Direct Response May Be Counterproductive The Costs Are Too High
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o Simulate Trial o Create Buzz o Gain Consideration E-COMMERCE -e-commerce- The internet also offers the opportunity to sell directly to customers in both the consumer market and the business-to-business market. This direct selling of goods and services has been labeled e-commerce. THE INTERNET AND INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Forms of Internet Advertising on the Internet ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET o Banners -Banner ads- It is the most common form of advertising on the Web. The size of banner ads has remained unchanged since the first AT&T ad. Various forms of banner ads are
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE...

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