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Chapter 18 - a Prospecting-process of locating new...

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Chapter 18 THE SCOPE OF PERSONAL SELLING -Personal Selling- Involves selling through a person-to-person communications process. THE ROLE OF PERSONAL SELLING IN THE IMC PROGRAM -Dyadic Communication- Direct and interpersonal communication that lets the sender immediately receive and evaluate feedback from the receiver. Allows for more specific tailoring of the message and more personal communications than do many of the other media discussed. DETERMINING THE ROLE OF PERSONAL SELLING THE NATURE OF PERSONAL SELLING o The New Role of Personal Selling Surveying-educating themselves more about their customers’ businesses Mapmaking-outlining both an account strategy and a solutions strategy Guiding-brining incremental value to the customer by identifying problems and opportunities, Fire starting-engaging customers and driving them to commit to a solution o Relationship Marketing o The Cost of Personal Selling o Personal Selling Responsibilities 1. Locating prospective customers
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Unformatted text preview: a. Prospecting-process of locating new customers b. Leads-those who may become customers c. Prospects-those who need the product or service d. Qualified prospects-able to make the buying decision and pay for the product 2. Determining customers’ needs and wants 3. Demonstrating the capabilities of the firm and its products 4. Closing the sale a. Close-getting the prospect’s commitment 5. Following up and servicing the account a. Cross sell-sell additional products and services to the same customer ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PERSONAL SELLING COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING WITH OTHER PROMOTIONAL TOOLS • COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING AND ADVERTISING • COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS • COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING AND DIRECT MARKETING • COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES PROMOTION • COMBINING PERSONAL SELLING WITH THE INTERNET EVALUATING THE PERSONAL SELLING EFFORT • CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING PERSONAL SELLING...
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Chapter 18 - a Prospecting-process of locating new...

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