Lecture 9 - 10/20/09 Lecture 9 JJ Abrams Overview Break...

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10/20/09 Lecture 9 JJ Abrams Overview Break down the screenplay ( First thing you do ) Smaller budget inspires creative thinking (Cloverfield) Paranormal Activity Profitable: cost versus returns Visually: using space to scare people Guest Speaker – Alyssa Weisberg – Casting Director Concept of this movie is to use unknowns. How do you decide? JJ can say two words to an actor (direction) and change their acting. Very little dialogue needed and just gets it. Didn’t have all unknowns. Just actors some people know. How do you get an opportunity as a casting director? She casted original 15 actors on LOST. JJ likes to work with the same people over and over again. Once you are in his family you are set. Star Trek had no attachments Took it role by role aside from Leonard Nimoy. Didn’t want to mimic the characters. Started with main four or five roles. People like Simon Pegg not asked to read For Kirk saw 500 people o Pre-reads Time with JJ Very limited since JJ is doing storyboard and pre-viz o If she liked them she would call JJ Casting
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Keep casting until the shooting ends since so many roles With the leads he came to meet them o He may see someone who doesn’t see fitting the role perfectly, but consider rewriting o However, tricky for a lead role like Star Trek Creative and the money For the leads Business Affair with Paramount did the deals. Most of the actors have attorneys who negotiate the deals o If the actor has a manager and an agent the agent those the deals Star Trek was an aberration because people were willing to work for a lot less than what they normally receive (so easier than normal) What are you dissatisfied with? Decision making: have to protect director o Therefore, lot of time wasted during the process so actors may move on. However, make an offer out and make it exclusive
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Lecture 9 - 10/20/09 Lecture 9 JJ Abrams Overview Break...

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