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Lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Above the line Below the line...

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10/27/09 Lecture 10 Above the line Fixed costs Usually much higher than below the line Carried around during production, so if a production is shut down another financier can pick it up. Below the line Talent who have agreements Flexible since they include several people between each department To reduce cost reduce personnel People are paid on day scale 5 Elements of Post Production 1. Visual Effects a. start in production & end in post production 2. Editing a. Separate crews for picture and sound b. Sound – dialogue, music, effects 3. Scoring a. Recording the composers the score b. Spotting session – first steps in creating music i. Composer & director pinpoints where the director wants music (by frame) – determines length and cues & then makes the score (time pressures) ii. Director has 10 weeks to deliver the director’s cut to the money(financiers) (DGA rule), so challenging for composer because usually beginning iii. Music is divided into 1. Original music 2. Source music – comes from a radio, record label provides a band (introduced in the movie), preexisting (licensing) 4. Mixing
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