Lecture 12 - Lecture 12 Producer Two Tracks for becoming a...

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11/10/09 Lecture 12 - Producer Two Tracks for becoming a Producer 1. Creative Producer a. Becomes familiar of literary material, agents, and talent b. Makes deals, options i. If the idea is commercial – the money agrees – Find a financier 2. Line Producer a. Great experience in below the line/ physical production b. Signing the checks c. Most have been production managers – expenses on set, budget, and scheduling d. Now how a movie gets made Acquire screenplays are great equalizers in this industry Forcing Green light Look for writers using the “money’s money” (Financier’s money) Develop a screenplay the money approves and you approve Green light meeting (elements)** Approved Budget Approved Schedule Finalized signed employment contracts (Stars, Writer) Guest Speaker – Executive Producer - Bryan Burk Television Credits Most producers are writers (Especially at the beginning of a show – 1 st season)
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o However as time passes by more producers come on board Associate Producers – Are at the bottom o They are on the post side (run postproduction) *starting point of a series* Co Producer – Writers (start out as story editor) o Writers assistant – takes notes, transcribing o Can be anyone from someone who was involved with the script or not involved anymore but plays an important role o (someone who is not actively involved, but does enough) Executive Producer o Ex) Harvey Weinstein, Spielberg Producer – writers (line producer) *Reason why writers are all producers because they have all the control. Everything is done
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Lecture 12 - Lecture 12 Producer Two Tracks for becoming a...

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