Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 Post Production Sound Dialogue...

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11/17/09 Lecture 13 Post Production Sound Dialogue Music Effects Four Marketing Departments Creative Advertising o o Trailer Campaign – 2 ½ minutes (edited down into commercial – 30 second spot) o Guerilla Marketing – hybrid between creative advertising and promotion May go on to be its on to become its own department Publicity/Promotion o Publicity – Free Advertising o Promotion Achieve print space about the movie before the opening of the movie Puff piece (something unusual about the movie) – NY Times “Arts and Leisure section” o Free advertising disguised as journalism Actors going on Talk shows or to Comic Con panels Handled in advance Disk jockeys, contests, Kids meals Market Research o Statistical o Handle test screenings Try to get reaction from target audience about level of interest on materials (work of marketing devices – trailers, prints) and movie
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o Demographics – sex, age, education level, economic level o Job is to focus on target demographic Media Buying (Distribution by Spending) o Spend the advertising budget (biggest cost in movies second only to production budget) o Basic rule is to achieve at least the target audience of the movie If audiences goes beyond targeted demographic than it is successful
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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 Post Production Sound Dialogue...

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