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Lecture #14 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 • Allowed...

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11/24/09 Lecture #14 Twilight Summit Second movie made $140M in one weekend (domestic only – Box Office) Overseas made a $132M Highest opening for this date (pre Thanksgiving) Demographics (80% female) o Younger than college demographics o Teenage girls have a lot of money (nothing else to go see) Adult Entertainment Forefront of every new technology (Guerilla) Persistence of Vision 24 fps (illusion) 1980s Break up of ATT o Ran and controlled most of the phone services in the countries o Accused of being anti competitive, so split Verizon, etc o Beginning of the change of technology into the home (started researching ways to get into the home - $$$) o Cable television was invented to improve the television picture for people who lived in big cities or mountains Not invented as a programming device 1990s Cable companies trying to get more customers by creating more channels, and looking beyond customer services
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Unformatted text preview: Telecommunications Act of 1996 • Allowed phone companies and cable companies to compete Phone Companies Today • Trying to do cable (landline dying) • Be provider for cell phone technology (10 years old) Web is a game changer • Everything that entrenched big companies had to be reconfigured (huge disrupter) o Good for hungry outsiders • Whole history of retail is based on popular items 3 Important steps (Web) 1. Web is made for niche 2. Direct to the customer 3. Entrepreneurial Digital Millennium Act 1998 • Copyright on the web Iphone • Personal (Portable Screen) Hulu • Successful delivery of home (delivered by major entrenched companies) 2 Business Models for Content 1. Subscription model 2. Advertising Model Trends inside the House • In the old days it was all about broadcasting • Computer screen and traditionally been the personal or business screen...
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Lecture #14 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 • Allowed...

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