Lecture #14 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 Allowed phone...

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11/24/09 Lecture #14 Twilight Summit Second movie made $140M in one weekend (domestic only – Box Office) Overseas made a $132M Highest opening for this date (pre Thanksgiving) Demographics (80% female) o Younger than college demographics o Teenage girls have a lot of money (nothing else to go see) Adult Entertainment Forefront of every new technology (Guerilla) Persistence of Vision 24 fps (illusion) 1980s Break up of ATT o Ran and controlled most of the phone services in the countries o Accused of being anti competitive, so split Verizon, etc o Beginning of the change of technology into the home (started researching ways to get into the home - $$$) o Cable television was invented to improve the television picture for people who lived in big cities or mountains Not invented as a programming device 1990s Cable companies trying to get more customers by creating more channels, and looking beyond customer services
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Unformatted text preview: Telecommunications Act of 1996 Allowed phone companies and cable companies to compete Phone Companies Today Trying to do cable (landline dying) Be provider for cell phone technology (10 years old) Web is a game changer Everything that entrenched big companies had to be reconfigured (huge disrupter) o Good for hungry outsiders Whole history of retail is based on popular items 3 Important steps (Web) 1. Web is made for niche 2. Direct to the customer 3. Entrepreneurial Digital Millennium Act 1998 Copyright on the web Iphone Personal (Portable Screen) Hulu Successful delivery of home (delivered by major entrenched companies) 2 Business Models for Content 1. Subscription model 2. Advertising Model Trends inside the House In the old days it was all about broadcasting Computer screen and traditionally been the personal or business screen...
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Lecture #14 - Telecommunications Act of 1996 Allowed phone...

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