Lecture #9 - o Ex) Where the Wild Things are released when...

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10/20/09 Lecture #9 Web attracts: 1. Entrepreneurs 2. Tailor Made for Niche 3. Direct for the customers Could potential break up the media conglomerates HOW TO MAKE THE MONEY BACK First Revenue Stream 1. Domestic Theatrical o Works closely with marketing o This is selling your movie/licensing o Customers are sales executives (financier distributor) Customers are theater exhibitors Know all the seating capacities Always, tension between exhibitors and distributors Leverage is in the hands of the distributor, since they have the product that they can withhold o And a good movie is based on whether it is profitable, so in that case the exhibitor has the leverage to show the movie longer o In other cases the distributor asks the movie to keep it out longer, and in that case exhibitors asks for first dibs on future movie Strategic Issue When you release the movie
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Unformatted text preview: o Ex) Where the Wild Things are released when there is no competition Released in fall for awards season Release Patterns (Fast/Slow) Wide Release release a movie everywhere o Very expensive. Defined at 600-4000+ theaters o Industry prefers reporting screens as opposed to theaters, since the theater is the higher figure (grandiosity approach) Limited Release Between 50-600 theaters o Movie that is good, but dont have enough or want to risk a higher theater cost. However, if the popularity level of the movie is high then can expand to wide Platform Release (exclusive) between 2-50 theaters o Documentaries, low budget, foreign Movie Distribution (assignment) Action/ Adventure Killer Diller (R) Comedy Dufas (PG-13) Romantic Movie Hopes and Dreams (PG-13)...
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Lecture #9 - o Ex) Where the Wild Things are released when...

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