Lecture #11 - Didnt want a format war, so agreed on one...

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11/03/09 Lecture 11 Four Obstacles of Home video 1. Consumer Acceptance 2. Legal Acceptance 3. Studio Acceptance 4. Pricing New Technology Determined by Adult Entertainment Industry Way ahead in home video/DVDs Early adopters of the web VHS v Betamax VHS won because it licensed more movies even though Betamax was cleaner Studios viewed VHS has an enemy Betamax Case Sony sued, since company providing a means for consumers to steal content 1980s Studios felt it was a violation of their own copyright Issue was resolved in the Supreme Court o Decided in favor of Sony and against Studios o Okay to privately view copyright material (first payment to copyrite owner) 1990s Needed something smaller and easier to reproduce o First into the digital realm with CDs
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Unformatted text preview: Didnt want a format war, so agreed on one format (DVD) o Studio Acceptance after Betamax case was resolved o Studio said if we cant beat them join them o Another hurtle for studios that did not have experience in retail sales except for those involved in music sales Which is videos first sold in record stores DVDs were low priced, since they figured they would make more money in bulk instead of positioning DVD as higher price DVD in the revenue stream Getting a lot of tension, because studios want that window to open closer to theatrical release (was 6 months, but is now 4 month) o This is at the expensive of exhibitors o Example) Sony wanted to release Michael Jackson film on DVD on time for holiday season...
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Lecture #11 - Didnt want a format war, so agreed on one...

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