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Lecture #11 - • Didn’t want a format war so agreed on...

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11/03/09 Lecture 11 Four Obstacles of Home video 1. Consumer Acceptance 2. Legal Acceptance 3. Studio Acceptance 4. Pricing New Technology Determined by Adult Entertainment Industry Way ahead in home video/DVDs Early adopters of the web VHS v Betamax VHS won because it licensed more movies even though Betamax was cleaner Studios viewed VHS has an enemy Betamax Case Sony sued, since company providing a means for consumers to steal content 1980s Mom & Pop stores started renting and selling videos Studios felt it was a violation of their own copyright Issue was resolved in the Supreme Court o Decided in favor of Sony and against Studios o Okay to privately view copyright material (first payment to copyrite owner) 1990s Needed something smaller and easier to reproduce o First into the digital realm with CDs
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Unformatted text preview: • Didn’t want a format war, so agreed on one format (DVD) o Studio Acceptance after Betamax case was resolved o Studio said if we can’t beat them join them o Another hurtle for studios that did not have experience in retail sales except for those involved in music sales Which is videos first sold in record stores • DVDs were low priced, since they figured they would make more money in bulk instead of positioning DVD as higher price DVD in the revenue stream • Getting a lot of tension, because studios want that window to open closer to theatrical release (was 6 months, but is now 4 month) o This is at the expensive of exhibitors o Example) Sony wanted to release Michael Jackson film on DVD on time for holiday season...
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Lecture #11 - • Didn’t want a format war so agreed on...

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