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Lecture #12 - • paid in advance before loyalties(not a...

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11/10/09 Lecture 12: Consumer Products Video games (interactive part of the business) 1970s Shifted from Analog to Digital (Pac man) 1980s Home based play Atari was a big brand: Home gaming 1990s Online game popularity Growing (subscriber business model WOW) – always on o o Cost 25 Million dollars to develop online gaming Most popular market is Korean (online Cafes or home) 2006 Leveling off. Industry every few years benefits my announcing new generation of consoles Scale of business 40-50 billion dollars a year Platforms 5 Years cycle PS3 thought they would command the market by attaching a bluray player Microsoft v. Sony o Upstart Wii: lower technology – bested both of them
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Key Manufactures Publishers Developers o Takes 18-24 months to develop –coding Manufacturers Value of Playtime Around 13 hours Deals Are made on a licensing model and publishers pay an advance against loyalties Studio pays no money and instead get loyalty of the whole sale price
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Unformatted text preview: • paid in advance before loyalties (not a lot) Keys to Video games • Easter Egg material • Levels • Replay ability Modern Warfare 2 • Blizzard/Activision • 500 million in first week projected • M for Mature Online • Episodic Content • Return to casual gaming online (Classic arcade games) • Interactive TV gaming Mobile and Broadband Entertainment • Effort to repurpose IP to serve the lifestyles and impulses of customers to fill snippets of time. • Japanese is first to develop services for phones • 90% of content is sold through carriers Iphone • Circumvents carrier by having customers purchase content through Apple Store Mobile Web • Cost about $25 dollars a month • Mobile television about $15 dollars a month • 4G – provide worldwide internet access – use some of the bands in the ether that were given back by VHS television service. • LTE – Long term Evolution...
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Lecture #12 - • paid in advance before loyalties(not a...

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