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e45lab_syllabus_w102 (2) - ENG-45L Lab Syllabus Properties...

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ENG-45L – Lab Syllabus Properties of Materials Laboratory Winter Quarter, 2010 Syllabus ( Part 1 of 2 ) An electronic version of this document plus part 2 of the syllabus for this class is available online at: http://chms.engineering.ucdavis.edu/students/undergraduates/labs/eng-45l.html. Part 2 contains important information pertaining to adding and dropping laboratory sections, making up missed laboratory sessions, grading, laboratory safety, and our policies regarding less than original work being submitted for a grade. LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS The experiments to be done in this course, in the order they will be done, are: 1. Bonding: Student models of different types of atomic bonds 2. Mechanical Properties: basic mechanical properties as determined by standard tensile and hardness tests 3. Equilibrium Phase Diagrams, the Bi-Sn System: Construct an equilibrium phase diagram using cooling curves for a range of samples of bismuth and tin 4. Recovery, Recrystallization, and Grain Growth: practical and scientific issues dealing
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e45lab_syllabus_w102 (2) - ENG-45L Lab Syllabus Properties...

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