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Quiz 2 A travelling wave on a string is described by the wave function y(x,t)=A cos( kx- ω t ) where A=0.5 m, k=0.1 m -1 and ω =500 rad/s. a) Find wavelength, period of oscillations, and phase speed of the wave b) Find velocity of the particles of the string as a function of x and t. What is the
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Unformatted text preview: maximum velocity? Solution a) λ =2 π /k =6.28/0.1=62.8 m T=2 / = 6.28/500=0.01256 s v= /T =5000 m/s b) v(x,t)= A sin( kx-t ), v max =A ω =0.5*500=250 m/s...
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