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Quiz2solutiona - t=(2h/g 0.5 =(2*100/9.81 0.5 =4.5 seconds...

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QUIZ 2 1) A small stone is released from a 100 m cliff vertically down. Its initial velocity is equal zero. Neglecting air resistance how long does it take to hit the ground? Solution: velocity of the stone v(t)=gt, and its coordinate y(t)=0.5gt 2 . It hits the ground when it travels h=100 m, therefore
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Unformatted text preview: t=(2h/g) 0.5 =(2*100/9.81) 0.5 =4.5 seconds 2.) The graph shows the velocity of a particle as a function of time. During which time interval the particle slows down? Solution: Particle slows down when its velocity decreases which happens between 10 and 12 seconds...
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