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QUIZ 3 Solution: The ball does not accelerate along x axis. Therefore v x (t)=v*cos( α ) and x(t)=v*t*cos( ). It travels distance L=22 m and the time to reach the wall is t 0 =L/[v*cos( )]=22/(25*cos(40))=1.15 s. The y-component of the velocity and coordinate are v y (t)=v*sin( )-gt and y(t)=v*t*sin( )-0.5gt 2 . Since we know the travel time, we can find the ball’s y-coordinate: y(t 0 )=v* t 0 *sin( )-0.5g t 0 2 =25*1.15*sin(40)-0.5*10*1.15*1.15= =18.48-6.61=11.87~12 m (a) The vertical distance above the release point is 12 m
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