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Lecture 29 Production Fall2009 forWeb - 1 2 Ecosystem...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 2 Ecosystem Ecology Ecosystem Ecology 11/9 (today): Productivity (Chp. 19) 11/11: Decomposition (Chp. 21) 11/13: Nutrient Cycling (Chp. 21) 11/16: Title TBA: A Flecker/J Sparks 11/18: Applying ecology: Biofuels (R Howarth) 11/20: Applying ecology: Fire ecology (J Fitzpatrick 11/23: Land-use change and landscape ecol. (Chp. 23) 11/25, 27: (Thanksgiving Break) 11/30: Global biogeochemical cycles: N (Chp. 24) 12/2: Global biogeochemical cycles: C (Chp. 24) 12/4: Climate change (Chp. 24) 3 Todays Outline What is ecosystem ecology? Productivity Definitions & measurements Environmental controls on productivity Spatial and temporal variation in productivity See also: Chp. 19, Cain et al. 4 Ecosystem Ecology Definition : The study of the cycles of energy, organic matter, and nutrients through organisms and their environment as an integrated system. CO 2 H 2 O N, P, Ca microbes 5 The Ecosystem The term "Ecosystem" first published in 1935 by Sir Arthur G. Tansley (1871-1955), a British botanist. "... the whole system ... including not only the organism-complex, but also the whole complex of physical factors forming what we call the environment ..." "The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts and Terms 6 Ecosystem Ecology Energy flux and cycling of nutrients 7 Ecosystem Analysis Seeks to understand factors that regulate pools (quantities or stocks) and fluxes (flows) of material and energy through ecological systems. Chapin et al. 2002 Pool or Stock t/ha g/m 2 Flux t ha-1 y-1 g m-2 s-1 8 A forest, viewed by an ecosystem ecologist CO 2 Live wood Soil organic matter Foliage P r i m a r y P r o d u c e r s Pools Production Decomp. Litterfall Fluxes 9 Key foci in ecosystem ecology Ecosystem processes include: evapotranspiration , production , decomposition , C storage , nutrient cycling, N fixation and denitrification . CO 2 H 2 O N, P microbes How regulated by: 1) Abiotic and biotic factors: light , temperature , water , nutrient supply , disturbance , and community structure 2) Human-induced environmental change , such as: eutrophication , acid rain , land-use change , global climate change 10 Ecosystem Ecology: whole-ecosystem experiments Often, large-scale manipulations: Studies must be large enough to contain the major players regulating ecosystem processes E.g., Large plots, watersheds, whole lakes. E....
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Lecture 29 Production Fall2009 forWeb - 1 2 Ecosystem...

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