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climate1 - Climate Change Climate Change Climate Change vs...

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Unformatted text preview: Climate Change Climate Change Climate Change vs. Global Warming Is the Earth getting Warmer? What is the Greenhouse Effect? Are changes caused by human activity? Can we prove climate change is happening? What can be done to reverse trends we are seeing? Climate Climate Climate­ The long term average of weather conditions at a particular location Weather – Short term variations in atmospheric conditions at a particular location Global Warming Global Warming Average temperature of the Earth­ is it increasing? increasing mean temperature over last 100 years Increase about 1 degree every 25 years Earth is warming What is the cause of the warming? Does this prove climate change is going to happen? Is this temperature change caused by man? Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect Temperatures have risen over the last 100 years Have greenhouse gases increased over the last 100 years? Which Greenhouse gases correlate with human activity? Atmospheric CO2 concentration (ppm) Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide levels have risen over last 100 years Correlates with Human activity and increases in temperatures Carbon Dioxide levels have correlated with earth’s temperature in the past Does this prove that Human activity is responsible for Global Warming? Data doesn’t prove anything, just a correlation Temperature changes could cause variations in carbon dioxide concentrations Proving a direct cause and effect relationship would be difficult Scientific Method Scientific Method Make observations­ collect data and form a hypothesis Form a hypothesis­ form a testable prediction based on observations Test your hypothesis with a controlled experiment Collect data based on experimentation and modify hypothesis Nothing is ever proven Collect more and more evidence to support hypothesis until it gains acceptance At what point do we say we have enough evidence and need to take action? Consequences of Climate Change Consequences of Climate Change Rising Seal levels (10­50 m) Changes in distribution of rainfall Changes to food supplies/ Agriculture Increase in heat related stress/distribution of human diseases ...
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