331f09ass4 - which of the two semiconductors, n or p-type,...

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Chemistry 331 L01, 1:00pm MWF, Fall 2009 Inorganic Chemistry 1: Main Group Metals V. Mozol Assignment 4 Due November 25 th , 2009 Value 4% of course grade 1. (a) Give the generic MO energy band diagram for an n-type semiconductor p-type semiconductor
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Many Christmas lights are made using light emitting diodes, LED’s. The electrode of an LED is made of a p-type semiconductor in contact with an n-type semiconductor. When placed in a circuit, electrons from a power source flow from one semiconductor to the other. Light is emitted when electrons “move” from a higher level conduction band into a lower level conduction band. 1. (b) Making reference to your MO band diagrams in 1. (a), and the above statement, to
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Unformatted text preview: which of the two semiconductors, n or p-type, do the electrons first flow into? Explain your choice. The different colours of light obtained from different LEDs relate to the size of the band gaps in the type of semiconductor that the electrons next flow into. 1. (c) Explain this statement (you may wish to make reference to the electromagnetic spectrum). Use an MO band diagram to illustrate your answer. 2. (a) In the boxes below give the The MO energy diagram for the diatomic molecule Mg 2 The MO energy bands for Mg metal 2. (b) The diatomic molecule Mg 2 does not exist but Mg metal does, using the diagrams you gave above explain why this is so....
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331f09ass4 - which of the two semiconductors, n or p-type,...

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