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Presentation Guidelines - The presentation should be a...

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---------------- ------------------ --- The presentation should be a supplement to the case, and should not try to cover all of the material that is contained in the case. Presentations should be 15 minutes in length; allocate the time so that you can cover the following content. STRUCTURE AND CONTENT The presentation, like your case, should have a clear structure. ----- INTRODUCTION----- The first part of your presentation should clearly introduce yourselves and the situation. Some questions that you should answer are: o Who are you; o Who is your audience; and o Why are we here? Following that, you should give a concise overview of the case. o Prove to the audience that you understand their situation; and o Make sure to include the implications that you came up with in your case to show that you understand the gravity of the situation. Make sure to then clearly state what the primary problem is. List the alternatives investigated in preparation of the case. ----- BODY----- ADM 1300 Presentation Guidelines Page | 1
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The main purpose of the body is to provide information to your audience. Be sure to: Briefly describe the alternatives that you have investigated in preparing the case. Do not waste too much time going into a detailed description about each alternative; the audience is only interested in the alternative that will solve their problems. A simple
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