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Comparison of B-S-G - Aspect Emerging issues are translated...

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Aspect Business Government Social Sector Emerging issues are translated into: (issues such as global warming, or national security, etc.) Business cases for profit-marking (opportunity) or for cost of compliance (regulation) Need for public policy and ultimately rules and regulations to support policy. Cause-specific; an emerging issue will be translated into some specific cause or sub- cause for action by interested participants The sorting mechanism here is: (from class notes) competition Coercion & re- distribution “art of associating” Social arrangements, network arrangements Major impacts of the evolving Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) might include: (from class notes) unpredictable competition; new partnerships; new employee-employer relationships More transparency; citizen engagement; more “innovation”, “commercialization” programs; more stakeholder involvement Easier access to info; Stronger voice in business sector; stronger voice in government sector; greater importance
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