1301 W2009 Deferred Mid-Term Grading Scheme

1301 W2009 Deferred Mid-Term Grading Scheme - ADM1301...

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ADM1301 Sections M, N, P -- Social Context of Business Winter 2009 Deferred Mid-Term Examination Grading Scheme Professors Tim Ragan, Franco Iacono Student Name: __________________________ I.D. No. _____________ Instructions 1. This examination consists of three parts and is nine (9) pages. 2. Time limit is 85 minutes and the exam is scored out of a total of 56 points. 3. No notes, texts, dictionaries, electronic items of any type are permitted. 4. Carefully follow the instructions appearing at the beginning of each part. 5. You must sign the academic attestation appearing below . 6. You must hand in this exam paper containing ALL your responses. www.telfer.uOttawa.ca Academic Integrity : Integrity is a basic value of our society and of the business world. Academic integrity is also a key value of the School of Management. To underline its importance, all assignment, report, project, or other work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a course at the School of Management must include on its front page the following signed statement (signed by each member of a team in the case of a group assignment or team work): Statement of Academic Integrity: This work conforms to the rules on academic integrity of the University of Ottawa: Signature: __________________________________ For more information on what constitutes a breach of academic integrity, please consult the following web sites: http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/info/regist/crs/home_5_ENG.htm and http://www.uottawa.ca/plagiarism.df   Please note that any submission in a course (homework, assignment, report, etc) that does not include that signed statement will not be corrected and will get a grade of zero.
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Part 1 – Multiple Choice (22 Marks) Select the most appropriate answer to each of the following question and indicate your choice directly on this question paper . ____ 1. A social problem exists when a. a company's expected net income is higher than its actual net income. b. a company's share of the consumer market falls below a target set by the company. c. society's expectations of business's performance are higher than business's actual social performance. d. business's actual social performance is higher than society's expectations of business's performance. ____ 2. Pluralism is defined as a. the idea of embracing those activities that are expected are probabilities by societal members. b. the diffusion of power among the societies many groups and organizations. c. the process of focusing by which laws get passed and officials get elected and all other aspects of the interaction between the firmly political processes and government. d. the backbone of the socially conscious investing movement. ____ 3.
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1301 W2009 Deferred Mid-Term Grading Scheme - ADM1301...

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