mat1302-practice-midterm2 - MATH 1302 - PRACTICE SECOND...

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MATH 1302 - PRACTICE SECOND MIDTERM EXAM WINTER 2008 Surname First Name Student # Sample Instructions (instructions on the real exam will be similar to these): (1) All work to be considered for grading must be written in the space provided. The reverse side of pages is for scrap work only and any material written there will NOT be considered for marks. (2) You must show your work to obtain full marks. (3) Write your student number at the top of each page in the space provided. (4) No notes, book or calculators are allowed. (5) Your final answers must be written in pen and not pencil. (6) Good luck! DISCLAIMER: This exam is for practice only. No claim is made regarding the simi- larity of this practice exam to the first midterm exam itself. It is intended only to be used as a tool to help students gauge the approximate length of the first midterm and general type of questions that could appear on it. It is important that you study all of the material covered by the midterm, not just the types of questions appearing in this practice exam.
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This note was uploaded on 01/10/2010 for the course MAT mat1302 taught by Professor Mariankupczynski during the Fall '09 term at University of Ottawa.

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mat1302-practice-midterm2 - MATH 1302 - PRACTICE SECOND...

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