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Dr . Campbell Writing Workshop Art Paper Raphael Renaissance means rebirth . The time period classified as the Renaissance was just that, a rebirth of classical culture . It was during this time that many of the great artists were in their primes . Some of the greats include DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael . One of Raphael’s great pieces was School of Athens, which was painted sometime in the early 1500’s (dates range from 1509-1511) . This painting depicts a group of philosophers, mathematician, writers, and many other forms of educated people from the Greco-Roman era . This piece is considered one of Raphael’s masterpieces, however, there are some disputes about the intentions that Raphael had in painting it . To begin, I will first give some background on the Renaissance . It began after the Middle Ages spanning from the 14 th century going through the 17 th century . During the Middle Ages much of the classical literature had been lost . People had suffered through so much that the Renaissance was a giant relief for people (at least the wealthy elite that experienced the bulk of it) . It was a chance for people to express themselves and live a satisfying life . Artists were commissioned to do fantastic artwork that encompasses all sorts of styles from: the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, to the statue of David . All of the
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art paperu - Dr. Campbell Writing Workshop Art Paper...

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