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LEARNING OBJECTIVES Use the following learning objectives to guide your reading and studying of the material for BIOL 2040. Ch. 1 After reading all of Chapter 1 you should be able to: Define the following terms: gene, genome, base pair, pyrimidine, purine, protein. List the complementary base pairs of DNA. Differentiate between purines and pyrimidines, with respect to which nucleotides fall into which category. Describe how the same genetic language can be used for all organisms (from bacteria to large multicellular organisms) Describe what differences, in terms of genetic information and how it’s used, lead to different organisms. Explain how biological function emerges primarily from proteins. protein interactions Explain how all living things are related closely at the molecular level. Describe 3 characteristics of model organisms that make them useful for genetic studies. Explain what the genetic code is. Describe the result of heating up a molecule of DNA. Read a figure, for example, Figure 1.8. Explain how modular construction of genomes allowed rapid evolution of complexity. Explain the use of inactivating a gene in genetic studies.
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recombination in more detail (but not like Ch. 6) at a later time. Please review material in Fig. 6.3 (chemical composition of DNA), Fig. 6.7 (Detailed look at DNA’s chemical constituents), Fig. 6.8 (Complementary base pairing), Fig. 6.9 (structure of DNA – you should be able to picture this detailed structure when we are discussing it). Read p180 – DNA Structure is the Foundation of Genetic Function.
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1. Background_Ch1_4_6_LOs - LEARNINGOBJECTIVES BIOL2040...

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