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LEARNING OBJECTIVES Use the following learning objectives to guide your reading and studying of the material for BIOL 2040. Ch. 2 After reading all of Chapter 2 you should be able to: Define gene, alleles, heredity, natural selection, artificial selection, blending inheritance, evolution. Differentiate between a character and a trait. Relate artificial selection to genetic variation within a population. Describe what variation within a population refers to. Explain how genetic variation is crucial to evolution. Describe the processes by which an individual of 10 14 cells develops from a 1‐cell zygote. (More applicable to Ch. 4, but it somehow got stuck in Ch. 2) Define heterogametic and hemizygous. Describe the impact of hemizygosity on expression of recessive phenotypes. State Mendel’s 2 principles. Relate Mendel’s 2 principles to the behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis. Describe the steps you would follow to develop yams that can be harvested earlier in the year. Predict, the outcome of blending inheritance after several generations using an example.
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1. Background_Ch2_LOs - LEARNINGOBJECTIVES BIOL2040 Ch.2...

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