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Unformatted text preview: 11/4/09 Nov 4th Bacterial Gene1cs – The Basics •  Metabolically diverse •  Morphologically diverse •  Very small! Nov 4th Bacterial Gene1cs – The Basics Bacterial chromosome dsDNA 1 11/4/09 Plasmids! •  Extra‐chromosomal material White arrows point to plasmids Growing Bacteria 2 11/4/09 Binary Fission •  Asexual reproduc1on •  Produces exact copies of parent •  Can result in extremely rapid popula1on growth Nov 4th Binary Fission 3 11/4/09 Growing Bacteria Replica Pla1ng •  Transfers cells from complete media to minimal media •  Auxotrophs fail to grow on minimal media 4 11/4/09 Bacteria are haploid and can undergo recombina1on. 1.  True 2.  False Evidence for Bacterial Recombina1on •  Did they survive because some of the originally mutated alleles reverted (went back) to wild‐type (normal)? •  Nope! (Neither strain grew on the min media if plated on their own.) 5 11/4/09 Same thing as last slide, just from your textbook! Conjuga1on & Transfer of DNA •  Transfer of the F factor 6 11/4/09 Conjuga1on & Transfer of DNA •  Transfer of bacterial chromosomal genes; produc1on of recombinants Horizontal Gene Transfer: Hfr donors •  What 7 11/4/09 Horizontal Gene Transfer: Hfr donors Recombina1on 8 11/4/09 •  Movement bacterial DNA from 1 bacterial cell to another •  Transferred via bacteriophage (transferred inside head of phage) Transduc1on & Transfer of DNA Natural Transforma1on 9 11/4/09 Gene Transfer in Bacteria 10 ...
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