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LEARNING OBJECTIVES Use the following learning objectives to guide your reading and studying of the material for BIOL 2040. Ch. 3 After reading all of Chapter 3 you should be able to: Define dominant phenotype, codominant phenotype, incompletely dominant phenotype, multiple alleles, and dominance series. Explain the relative relationship between a dominant phenotype and a recessive phenotype. Describe how you would determine if a trait is dominant or recessive; incompletely dominant; or codominant. Explain, using appropriate terminology, how a dominant allele does not subdue or prevent a recessive allele from being transcribed. Describe the mechanisms that result in a dominant/recessive relationship between alleles. Describe the phenotype of codominant or incompletely dominant alleles relative to the homozygous parents. Describe the phenotypic ratios of the F 2 generation if two alleles for a gene are codominant or incompletely dominant. Describe how new alleles arise (through mutation).
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