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Final Project Guidelines AMATH 383, Autumn 2009 Course Projects A major feature of this introductory mathematical modeling course is that students develop course projects and write term papers on those projects. The purpose of the project is that you obtain some hands-on experience how to tackle a mathematical modeling problem. These term papers are to be turned in as hard copy on Friday, December 11 in class . Please do not worry about this project excessively. I understand that this is the Frst such experience for most of you. If you cannot come up with anything special, reviewing some models or papers written by other scientists is acceptable. Some general remarks: 1. The project should be a problem of interest to you and one that is fun for you to investigate. It could be either a topic of your imagination, something that you have seen in other classes or you have found in text books or papers. 2. It should involve the mathematical techniques that you have studied in this class and may also go beyond these. However, it is alright to choose a rather ”easy” topic in order to be able to present it in a concise and self-contained paper. 3. It would be nice if it contains the basic aspects of going from the real world problem to a reduced model, its mathematical description, as well as the analytical or numerical solution and Fnally its interpretation with respect to the real world. 4. It is expected that you will have to use the library and identify some relevant references in books
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TermPaperGuidelines - Final Project Guidelines AMATH 383...

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