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L_S4c Hollywood syllabus

L_S4c Hollywood syllabus - Letters and Sciences 40C...

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Letters and Sciences 40C “Hollywood: the Place, the Industry, the Fantasy” Instructor: Kathleen Moran 357 Campbell Hall [email protected] Graduate Student Instructors: Chris Chen [email protected] Kristen Loutensock [email protected] This course is about the history of the Hollywood “Dream Factory, ” focusing on both parts of that phrase. We will examine the historical and geographical development of the motion picture industry from the rise of the studio system to the “new” entertainment economy of the 1980’s, and think about the way films have constructed powerful and productive fantasies about the boundaries between public and private, work and play, commerce and art, fantasy and reality. Our topics will include the founding of Los Angeles and the history of labor in the culture industry, the implications of various shifts in the spatial organization of film production, and the effects of Hollywood on the larger politics of southern California. We will also discuss the way Hollywood has framed its own history by screening movies about the Hollywood movie industry. THIS IS A DISCOVERY COURSE THAT FULFILLS THE HISTORY BREADTH REQUIREMENT IN THE COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCES.
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