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EN224: Linear Elasticity Division of Engineering 3.7 Singular Solutions for the Half-Space Solutions for infinite solids have found many applications in the field of mechanics of materials. Often, however, we cannot neglect the influence of a solid’s boundaries. Solutions for a half-space are a first step towards understanding the effects of free surfaces. The solutions are also useful to understand the behavior of two contacting solids. Indeed, in contact mechanics, it is common to idealize both contacting solids as half-spaces. As before, we will begin by finding singular solutions. Specifically, we will compute the fields inside a semi-infinite solid subjected to a point force acting perpendicular to its boundary. (You will solve the problem of a tangentially loaded half-space in Homework#3 ). Boussinesq’s problem: point force normal to the surface of a half-space. Begin by stating the problem carefully. Find with Generated by www.PDFonFly.com at 1/10/2010 9:48:24 PM URL: http://www.engin.brown.edu/courses/en224/halfspace/halfspace.html
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These conditions are sufficient to ensure that the solution is unique, and automatically guarantee that moment equilibrium is satisfied, i.e. Potential representation for a normally loaded half-space
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halfspace - EN224: Linear Elasticity Division of...

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