COT Essay - Political structures in both Japan and China...

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Political structures in both Japan and China have been changing continuously from 1450 to 1914. Their governments faced revolutions, upheaval, and much influence from the Western parts of the world. Though some changes were beneficial, many were disadvantageous. By breaking down the change in political structures/sources of power from 1450 to 1914, it can be said that Japan and China both underwent change in the time periods 1450 to 1600, 1601 to 1800, and 1801 to 1914. From 1450 to 1600 both Japan and China faced struggles and strife within their respective countries. Both countries were experiencing new changes from the influence of foreign trade and travel within the 16 th century. When Nubunaga takes control of Kyoto it marked the end of the Ashikaga shogunate. After his death, Hideyoshi takes over northern Japan. Because of the new regime, this change led to the unification of Japan. This unification is important because it allows the government to run more smoothly. At this point, Japan is intent of invading Korea. This is because Japan fears the threat of the Koreans, so defensive tactics are taken. This is a continuity seen in before centuries. A continuity that stayed the same is Japan was that the government was always run by both a shogun and an emperor. A change in China was the major influence of the Portuguese in the 16 th century. Though what does remain the same is that militaristic struggles continue to occur in both countries. This is because of the new regimes and the threats faced by the western invasion. From 1601 to 1800 both governments face a complete change of government and economy. In Japan all trade is banned in the 17 th century. This is because Japan feared that new cultures would influence and take away from the traditional cultures that remained over the centuries. This change would have had a major effect on Japan. Also in the 17 th century, Japan takes a completely new government under the Tokugawa Shogunate. This
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COT Essay - Political structures in both Japan and China...

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