couter reformation - Shreya Maddireddy Houghton 6 th “The...

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Unformatted text preview: Shreya Maddireddy 1/13/09 Houghton 6 th “The Counter Reformation” The Counter Reformation, or more commonly known as the Catholic Reformation, began in the 1500’s. During this time the Catholic Church was controlled by corrupt leaders. These leaders were greedy misers who preyed on the innocents and successfully drained less-fortunate peasants into poverty. The Church emphasized giving money more than giving faith in the Church. Leaders did not call for traditional Church practices, but they did develop new greedy ones. Fortunately, the problem was addressed with the Council of Trent in northern Italy. They distinguished proper Catholic doctrines from the Protestant errors. They reformed the power of the Pope and forced the clergy to train and teach respectfully. Times have been difficult for the Thornton Family. My name is Jason Thornton and I am a cleric. I have a respectable family which has been brought to the edge of despair from the doings of the old corrupt leaders. I have a family of one sick wife and three daughters of a marriageable age. Our life is being torn leaders....
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couter reformation - Shreya Maddireddy Houghton 6 th “The...

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