Dialectiacal Notes Ch31 - Chapter 31 The Cold War EQ What...

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Chapter: 31 The Cold War EQ: What impact did economic philosophy have on both the Cold War and the decolonization movement? 1. It had an impact on foreign economic domination. For example, the United States’ control in Cuba. Pg. 834 2. The philosophy also caused revolutions to occur. For example, Mao instituted another radical nationwide program, the Cultural Revolution. Pg. 841 3. Many new nations faced severe economic challenges. Foreign countries control in the smaller country caused the country’s economy to drop. Pg. 838 4. The economic philosophy affected socialism. Many leaders of independent states preferred the Soviet Union’s socialism to capitalism of their former colonizers. Pg. 824 1. The economic imperialism allowed the United States to maintain control of their economies by gaining from the other countries. This hindered Latin American independence. During the Cold War the U.S. had to stop the possibility of communism in the Americas. 2. The economic policy of the Soviet Union brought other nations to Communism. Mao established the People’s Republic of China and allied with the Soviet Union. Thus, the two largest nations were now allied and the power was greatly feared. Newly independent nations were drawn to Communism because they followed them. 3. The newly free nations were forced to choose their side with one superpower. This caused differences in economic policies. 4. After World War II, Eastern European countries’ economies were down. The Soviets viewed everything as “collective property”, so it was regulated and administered by the state. This caused them to have more allies Chapter: 31 The Cold War EQ: What were key events of the Cold War? 1. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed when the United States and countries w. Europe formed a military alliance Pg.821
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Dialectiacal Notes Ch31 - Chapter 31 The Cold War EQ What...

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