Lab3sol - Lab 3 Power plant design Dr Hines’ solution 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 3. Power plant design Dr. Hines’ solution... December 10, 2009 1 Introduction You are an investor and would like to choose among three options for a 1.5 MW (capacity) power plant in Elizameth City, North Carolina. Meteorological data for this location are available from: Some minor data that you may need may be missing. In such cases, use engineering judgement and informa- tion from the US DOE websites to fill in the gaps. Feel free to ask questions of the instructor. The following power plant options are available: 1. A 1.5 MW solar photo voltaic array (a) The array, including all inverter and connection equipment, costs $5/W capacity (b) The array will be made of SunTech 270 panels (the spec. sheet is on the web site). (c) The solar array is on a tracker system such that you can use the “direct normal radiation” column in the data files. 2. A GE 1.5 MW wind turbine (a) The turbine, along with associated citing and engineering, will cost $2.5 million. (The cost comes from this article, “Third Planet Windpower To Use GE Energy’s 1.5-MW Wind Turbines for 2009 Projects” from (b) The specification sheet for this turbine is available on the course web site. 3. A 1.5 MW natural gas power plant with co-generation capabilities (a) The hospital in the town will purchase heat in the form of steam at a prices of $10 per million btu as long as the temperature is less than 50 F....
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Lab3sol - Lab 3 Power plant design Dr Hines’ solution 1...

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