Purchase Order Tribal - P210,000 A deposit of P70,000 is...

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Purchase Order - Contract: For the purchase of 400 units of Dancing Apparel, designed and sewed for the Dancing Team, the cost is as follows. 200 units Head Dresses at P 250 each . ... P 50,000 400 units Neck Laces for dance at P200 each . ... P 80,000 400 units Wrist Braclets at P 100 each . ... P 40,000 400 units Ankle Braclets at P 100 each . ... P 40,000 _______ Total Expense of dancing apparel is:
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Unformatted text preview: P210,000 A deposit of P70,000 is required at this time, to purchase material and labor. For assistance or questions, please contact myself, Mama Veth, cell: 0909 111 0171. Thank you. . Approved by: Client Approval: ____________________________ __________________________ Date: Date: ____________________________ __________________________...
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