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Robert Kerin 12-19-209 Unit 5 Intro to Corrections -1004 1) What is the rationale for dealing differently with juvenile offenders and adult offenders? The rationale is that juvenile offenders are not really old enough to realize all the implications of a crime and how serious it really is. They are considered more likely to walk the straight and narrow if they are treated with greater understanding and given every possible chance at rehabilitation. In fact unlike adult offenders the possibility of rehabilitation is considered of much greater importance than punishment. 2) What can be done to deal with the prison population crisis? Prisons are getting people that should be in hospitals, so for starters, we can stop criminalizing a good many mental illnesses Prisons are NOT hospitals. It is not reasonable to expect staff to be able to deal with some very sick people, the anti-socials are quite enough to keep guards busy. Also, there are many, many people in prison with other mental illnesses that should NOT be
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