Unit 6 - Intro to Terrorism -

Unit 6 - Intro to Terrorism - - Robert Kerin 1-7-2010...

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Robert Kerin 1-7-2010 Introduction to Terrorism – 1003 Unit 6 Case Study : Aum Attack on the Tokyo Subway Recap of major event : On March 20, 1995, Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth), a Japanese cult, placed containers of sarin gas on five trains of the Tokyo underground subway network, which came together in the Kasumigaseki station, near many government offices. This attack killed 12 people, injured 5,500, and caused serious chaos in the subway system for days afterwards. Were there any indications that this attack was imminent? There were no indications that the attack was imminent, the group used a Billion dollar Computer Company to do their research and develop the weapons. Was this a professional organization or an untrained group? This Japanese cult I would consider to be a professional group. Was the response to this attack by the government adequate? Asahara and the other key leaders in the subway attack were captured by the Japanese government less than two months after the incident. I would say they made an adequate
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Unit 6 - Intro to Terrorism - - Robert Kerin 1-7-2010...

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