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Assignment_28 - #include<iostream> using namespace std...

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Assignment 28 One dimensional arrays of integers Write a program that prompts the user for test scores (doubles). The user enters -1 to stop the entry. After all of the test scores have been entered, calculate the average, the highest and the lowest test score. Use the code below as a template. Make sure you respond appropriately when no test scores are entered. Use the following screen shots as a guide.
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Unformatted text preview: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { double scores[75]; int counter = -1; do { counter++; cout << "Please enter a score (enter -1 to stop): " ; cin >> scores[counter]; } while (scores[counter] >= 0); // CALCULATE AND DISPLAY THE AVERAGE // THE HIGHEST AND LOWEST TEST SCORE // BELOW HERE -- DO NOT MODIFY THE REST OF // PROGRAM EXCEPT TO PUT YOUR NAME ETC. // AT THE TOP. }...
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Assignment_28 - #include<iostream> using namespace std...

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