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assignment7 - #include<string> using namespace std u...

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/* Assignment 7: Write a program which declares string variables called president, vicePresident and speakerOfTheHouse. Assign values to these variables based on who is currently in office. Print each of them on a separate line as follows (for example): The president is Barack Obama. The vice president is Joe Biden. The speaker of the house is Nancy Pelosi.*/ T #include<iostream>
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Unformatted text preview: #include<string> using namespace std; u int main () i { string president = "Barack Obama"; string vicePresident = "Joe Biden"; string speakerOfTheHouse = "Nancy Pelosi"; s cout << "The president is " <<president<< ".\n"; cout << "The vice president is " <<vicePresident<< ".\n"; cout << "The speaker of the house is " <<speakerOfTheHouse<< ".\n"; c }...
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